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Be a light for justice

ALIGHT helps remove legal barriers to help human trafficking survivors and their children rejoin our community.

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ALIGHT is a Guidestar/Candid-accredited 501(c)(3) nonprofit that connects children, women and men who have suffered human trafficking to free legal help at a critical point in their recovery. To help survivors finally escape the exploitation cycle, ALIGHT matches them to the right attorney at the right time enabling them to overcome legal problems that are insurmountable alone.

Join us in helping survivors to successfully gain independence and rebuild their lives in our community.

What can we do together about human trafficking?

Even after survivors of human trafficking escape, many still have enduring legal problems. Debt. Identity theft. Arrests for crimes they were forced to commit by their trafficker.

Meet UFC Fighter and ALIGHT Ambassador of Light Miranda Maverick, who explains to ALIGHT Executive Director why she got involved.

See ALIGHT’s impact for yourself

For every $1 donated, a survivor directly receives ~$3 in legal value.

Data as of January 2024.

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Legal value directly to survivors

“Survivor's multi-faceted legal needs are a barrier to their recovery. I’ve heard nothing but good things from survivors about ALIGHT in survivor community groups. As soon as survivors request legal services, ALIGHT is the first service that is recommended.”

Megan LundstromSurvivor Leader and Director to the Polaris Resilience Fund, 2024

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Every human trafficking survivor deserves true freedom. Help remove the legal obstacles in their way. Your support connects survivors to a mobilized army of attorneys across the U.S. Join us to impact survivors’ lives – at scale!

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“Human rights that exist only in theory are nothing more than mirages in a desolate desert.”

This report was co-published by Avery and the NSL Collective in July 2021 based on the Avery research team’s extensive outreach to 550 organizations from across the country that advertise their legal services to sex trafficking survivors. The report demonstrated that direct legal representation is concentrated in high density urban areas, essentially making most of the U.S. a legal desert. ALIGHT is one of 16 organizations in the entire country that could confirm it provides legal services focused on human trafficking survivors.

The Legal Deserts Report was co-published by the Avery Center and the NSL Collective

Read the Legal Deserts Report

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