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ALIGHT Mobilizing Justice

Free Legal Help is a Step towards Freedom

ALIGHT believes that survivors deserve to have true freedom. By leveraging technology (think: Lyft app), ALIGHT mobilizes specialized pro bono attorneys to assist survivors – at scale.


Traffickers often target economically stressed individuals for severe exploitation. They promise security to runaway teens, manipulate single moms into commercial sex, and offer false recruitment terms to day laborers desperate to provide for their families. Even if they escape, survivors of trafficking are then left to deal with the resulting legal issues – from debt to child custody and criminal records for crimes forced to commit by the trafficker – alone. They need professional legal help, but can rarely find or afford it.

ALIGHT is building a mobilized legal network of attorneys with expertise across a broad area of specializations who are alerted to pro bono opportunities on their phones and can respond. We are here to show that our scalable program grows in value as we grow. Meaning, with more community organization and attorney partners, more human trafficking survivors will be served – fast. We have seen Pro Bono Attorneys respond to pro bono opportunities within hours – if not minutes! Quick response offers tangible help, as well as hope to survivors that a brighter life for them is possible.


On an app! ALIGHT bridges the gap between human trafficking survivors and the legal community with a mobile app platform that enables survivors’ specific and urgent requests to match with legal expertise through a survivor-centric process.


Survivors request advocacy, counsel, and/or representation on matters such as:

  • Family Law: custody and visitation, domestic violence, divorce, security issues involving survivor and/or family members
  • Criminal Law: criminal records, criminal defense, criminal justice advocacy
  • Civil Law: identity change, fraud, tenant’s rights, employment, debtor’s rights, benefits issues, litigation


If you are an attorney licensed in the U.S. and interested to serve local human trafficking survivors, let’s discuss how the ALIGHT Mobilizing Justice can support your efforts. Take a look at ALIGHT’s Call for Pro Bono Attorneys and reach out to us, sharing what area you practice in and where you are located.

If you are serving human trafficking survivors, or at-risk communities (e.g., domestic violence, migrant worker rights, LGBTQIA+, etc.) as a community advocate, victim’s rights organization or other type of service provider in Colorado and beyond, we can explore opportunities to partner and support each other’s work. Please take a look at ALIGHT’s Call for Community Partners and reach out to us, sharing more information about your organization, where you are located and the population you serve.

Additional Information

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