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ALIGHT Professional Training & Community Presentation Program

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Marianna Kosharovsky, J.D. is the Founder and Executive Director of ALIGHT (Alliance to Lead Impact in Global Human Trafficking), a nonprofit organization with a mission to empower human trafficking survivors at scale on their journey to true freedom. Ms. Kosharovsky’s expertise is rooted in over 15 years of experience in human trafficking, law and cross-sector collaboration in the U.S. and Eastern Europe/Russia. As an attorney, Ms. Kosharovsky represented survivors of sex and labor exploitation at the domestic violence agency Sanctuary for Families, as well as corporate clients at the international law firm Milbank in New York. In Eastern Europe/Russia, she worked on human trafficking and human rights development with PILnet: Global Network for Public Interest Law, and was a Visiting Professor at the Pericles Center for International Legal Education LLM Program. She is a contributing author of the American Bar Association book Lawyers as Changemakers (2016) and serves on Freedom Collective’s Global Advisory Community. Ms. Kosharovsky holds a law degree from N.Y.U. Law School.

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Select Past Speaking and Training Engagements

  • National and International Venues
    ○ National Association of Social Workers (2020)
    ○ U.S. Department of State International Visitors’ Leadership Program (2015, 2016, 2020)
    ○ American Bar Association (2019)
    ○ Freedom Network USA Conference (2018)
    ○ United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (2017)
    ○ Princeton University Center for Information Technology Policy (2017)
    ○ Columbia University School of Law (2016)
  • Colorado State and Local Venues
    ○ Denver Council on Foreign Relations (2019)
    ○ Prosecutors Human Trafficking Symposium (2019)
    ○ Denver Rotary Club (2019)
    ○ Western Slope Anti-Trafficking Summit (2019)
    ○ Colorado Women’s Bar Association Conference (2018)
    ○ Colorado Bar Association Modern Law Practice Initiative (2017)
    ○ Supreme Court Chief Justice Commission on Professional Responsibility (2017)