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Champions of Light

Become an ALIGHT Champion of Light today and demonstrate your commitment to empowering survivors of human trafficking at scale.

Your support makes a difference.

Thank you for including ALIGHT in your philanthropic plans.

Who are Champions of Light?

Champions of Light are individuals, professional services firms or corporations whose values and mission are consistent with ALIGHT and support our work through sponsorship. Our work simply would not be possible without the help of our sponsors.

How does a Champion of Light Support ALIGHT?

Our creative and experienced strategic partnership team is always working to create targeted, relevant, and successful sponsorship programs. We welcome the opportunity to develop new relationships and to discuss your own ideas for how to be a Champion of Light.

What are the Benefits of being a Champion of Light?

The Champions of Lights Program represents a unique opportunity for sponsors / underwriters to play a leadership role in supporting ALIGHT’s unique and impactful work. Join us in shining light on the way forward for survivors on their journey to freedom!

ALIGHT’s Champions of Light Program packages provide an exclusive chance for sponsors to be recognized as ALIGHT’s leading partners across our communications channels, website, social media platforms and more.

Additionally, Champions of Light:

  • Enhance business reputation and standing by demonstrating active participation in fighting human trafficking in your community
  • Educate and engage constituents and build goodwill because you support what your customers, clients, members, employees and neighbors support
  • Gain tax advantages by contributing to a nonprofit 501(c)(3) exempt organization in the US
  • Surround work and mission with quality by connecting to important and relevant social justice programming
  • Continue learning about major issues in human trafficking
  • Create positive community impact
  • Attract and retain an engaged workforce
  • Provide employees an opportunity for leadership, and personal and professional development
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Generate engagement, innovation and learning among your employees
  • Garner positive publicity and media due to media interest in ethical business activities

How can I become a Champion of Light?

To discuss how you can become a Champion of Light and learn about specific sponsorship opportunities and benefits, please reach out.

Become A Champion of Light