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Ambassadors of Light

Become an ALIGHT Ambassador of Light today and demonstrate your commitment to empower survivors of human trafficking at scale.

Who are Ambassadors of Light?

Ambassadors of Light are individuals, teams, groups, professional services firms, companies or other community organizations who care deeply about supporting survivors of human trafficking on their journey to true freedom.

“ALIGHT truly changes the lives of survivors through giving them hope and fighting for their legal freedoms. I am beyond happy to be an ambassador for them.”

– Miranda Maverick, UFC Fighter and ALIGHT Ambassador of Light

How does an Ambassador of Light Support ALIGHT?

By organizing and hosting fundraising events, Ambassadors of Light take an active role in spreading ALIGHT’s message and work by: connecting to other changemakers, empowering trafficking survivors and building meaningful solutions together.

Need ideas? Putting on your Your Ambassador of Light event is simple –

  • Host and sponsor a luncheon or dinner on human trafficking for your constituents
  • Choose ALIGHT as your charity of choice at your workplace, women’s group or service club
  • Turn your birthday or holiday into a Facebook fundraiser event by requesting donations instead of gifts
  • Start a fundraiser through Crowdrise and invite your friends to donate
  • Run a marathon with a mission
  • Designate a fundraiser night at a local restaurant or bar for your colleagues or group
  • Hold a benefit art performance
  • Do what you’re already doing – with an added purpose

Our “Do It Yourself” Kit will help you get started with bringing your ideas to life. We provide fundraiser email and letter templates, promotion on our social networking platforms, as well as other informational materials. The options for plugging in your talents and community to participate in the anti-trafficking movement are endless.*

*We encourage Ambassadors of Light to be creative with their fundraising, but some states have restrictions regarding certain fundraising efforts. Please check with your local authorities to ensure you are in compliance with the regulations in your area.

How can I become an Ambassador of Light?

To discuss how you can become an Ambassador of Light and learn how you can put on your own fundraising event, please get in touch.

Become An Ambassador of Light