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2022 Annual Appeal

Dear ALIGHT Supporter,

While traffickers wield modern technology to abuse and victimize, ALIGHT deploys technology to help survivors on the long journey to freedom. Survivors like Jennifer…

For Jennifer, physical abuse began in childhood and continued into her teens and early adulthood. First perpetrated by her father who beat both her and her mother and later by her high school boyfriend. As a young mother trying to raise a daughter on her own, on a waitress’ wages, she lived paycheck to paycheck and often in debt. 

When Jennifer found support from a stranger she met online, she never suspected the kindness, compassion and flattery he offered were tactics he used on lonely, vulnerable women like herself. He could approach multiple women on Instagram and other social media searching for someone exactly like her. She didn’t realize she was being groomed by someone who knew exactly how to target a victim. Before long, he gained her trust and promised easy ways to make money on online sites like OnlyFans and convinced her to provide compromising photos of herself. Soon her online friend, once so supportive and kind, began blackmailing her with those photos into illegal activities such as commercial sex and falsifying documents to apply for disability, which he collected. Eventually, he was monitoring her phone and controlling her life. 

Jennifer had been lured into the dark and dangerous world of human sex trafficking.

She was trapped, a single mom with no resources and seemingly no way out of her situation. Eventually, she turned to ALIGHT for help. There she found a tech-connected network of professional support. ALIGHT would connect her to specialized legal resources that helped with all her legal needs: coerced disability fraud, identity theft, debt and revenge porn. ALIGHT is one of only 16 organizations in the U.S. that provides legal services specifically focused on human trafficking survivors. We are the only organization that uses an app, similar to Lyft, to leverage technology and legal networks around the nation. ALIGHT impacts those we serve at scale by mobilizing specialized pro bono attorneys who provide trauma-informed services directly to survivors in our communities. 

 We could not offer these important, innovative services to support survivors without your help! 

Please join us this holiday season by supporting ALIGHT with your annual contribution.

Your generous gift will impact the lives of our clients and their families in ways greater than you can imagine. It is our firm belief that the work we do to empower former victims reaches even further than the present, and that it will resonate for generations to come.