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Recently, ALIGHT Executive Director Marianna Kosharovsky was invited by the Colorado Governor’s Human Trafficking Council to discuss this historic case with co-panelists Denver District Attorney’s Office Investigator Adam Bechtold, Covered Program Director Crystal, Denver District Attorney’s Office Chief Deputy District Attorney Lara Mullin. Colorado Human Trafficking Council Chair and Boulder District Attorney’s Office Chief Deputy District Attorney Christian Gardner-Wood served as the Moderator.

How do you measure success when helping survivors? When working with people, numbers tell only a small part of the story. This is especially true when serving people who are traumatized, have complex needs and require long-term professional assistance on their journey to freedom.  

Ashley’s case shows just how much and how long ALIGHT works with the survivors who need us. Ashley suffered human trafficking at the hands of her husband, who she then had to fight in court for a divorce, custody of the child they share and more. While Ashley represents one of the survivors that ALIGHT has served, her situation has required specialized services worth over 160 billable hours on 9 legal matters in 4 jurisdictions over the course of more than 3 years. With the amazing and dedicated attorneys in ALIGHT’s network supporting Ashley, this effort resulted in the first labor trafficking conviction in Denver’s history. Read more about Ashley’s case to see just how hard she worked to get her life back.

ALIGHT is pleased to release our 2021 Impact Report today.

As you read this report, remember that behind every survivor number is a story.

We are very proud of having helped 58 survivors on 103 cases last year alone with ALIGHT’s streamlined, tech-based and efficient operations, small team and incredible support from the community of supporters like you.

At the same time, we know there are still so many more survivors to help. ALIGHT is working to fill the legal deserts in the U.S. – help us by inviting attorneys across the country to get involved in fighting human trafficking!

In Full Light,

ALIGHT exists to unlock a fresh start for survivors. We ENVISION a world where every human trafficking survivor connects to a mobilized legal network to rebuild and thrive.


WZW Family Law

ALIGHT was honored to contribute to the first labor trafficking conviction in Denver County’s history. To convict the trafficker to a 14-year prison sentence under Colorado Revised Statutes Title 18. Criminal Code §18-3-503 (which refers to labor trafficking as involuntary servitude), ALIGHT’s support of Ashley (the survivor, who consented to provide her name) was critical. Since December 2018, attorneys Carolyn Witkus and Emily Warren and their team at WZW Family Law, who are members of the ALIGHT network, continue to work with Ashley to support her on her path to freedom.



Launching in 2015, ALIGHT was initially focused on matching human trafficking survivors and attorneys in Colorado. Now, to keep up with increasing demand from survivors across the country, we are looking for attorneys with the below profiles to further expand our innovative, technology-based solution nationally. 

The Program
Attorneys participate in a flexible pro bono program where they practice in their area of specialization and ALIGHT provides trauma-informed training and other support.

The Attorney Profile

  • Is passionate about directly impacting the lives of human trafficking survivors
  • Is admitted in one or more state bars
  • Carries current malpractice insurance 
  • Specializes in any of the below areas of expertise
    • Debtor rights
    • Tenant rights
    • Employment
    • Benefits 
    • Civil litigation
    • Tax
    • Corporate/Intellectual Property
    • Criminal Justice Advocacy
    • Criminal Defense
    • Domestic Relations
    • Other (non-immigration) Legal Areas

Next Steps

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On November 17th, the National Survivor Law Collective (NSL Collective) convened a high-level stakeholder meeting in Washington, DC in the wake of troubling findings of major gaps in critical legal services for survivors in the U.S. (or, “legal deserts”) identified in The Legal Deserts Report published by the Avery Center for Research and Services and the NSL Collective. For example, the report found that, of the 550 organizations that advertise their legal services to survivors, less than 20 confirmed that they provide legal counsel and representation focused on survivors.

This map from The Legal Deserts Report illustrates the location of responding organizations who provide direct legal service and focus on human trafficking. ALIGHT is one of the few providers in the entire U.S. to provide inclusive, flexible legal services to survivors.

Going forward, the NSL Collective will create recommendations for a follow-up report on the legal deserts on the basis of this and subsequent stakeholder meetings. ALIGHT is honored to be part of this effort to transform the landscape of legal rights and services for human trafficking survivors.

The NSL Collective Founding Members are:


We’re looking for additional Board members! Do you love our work and want to help us grow our impact? ALIGHT is searching for passionate professionals committed to fighting for justice for survivors of human trafficking. Learn more about the position and its requirements below, then write to us at